M1a2 SEP v3 and T-72

2ABCT 3ID M1a2 SEP v3 and Polish T-72 on a range together. Interesting comparison. I’m not up on my T-72 models so I don’t know the variant.


How times have changed


Could it be a very early T-72M? They were license built in Poland during the Cold War. (you can even see the extra front glacis steel plate welded up front.

This export version of the T-72 was built under licence by Bumar-Łabędy in Gliwice starting in 1982. Like Soviet tanks, the Polish T-72M was initially fitted with “gill” armour; later the tanks were upgraded with rubber side skirts and 902W Tucha smoke grenade launchers. Late production models have an additional 16 mm steel plate welded on the upper glacis plate, like in the T-72M1.

I think you’re right.