M1A2 SEP v3 Conversion?

I am assuming, that the US Army M1A2’s are SEP 2’s. They are now starting SEP 4’s ?
What happened to the SEP 3’s? Does anyone make a conversion kit of the latest SEP version?

Most currently fielded Abrams are M1A2 SEP v3s. They started fielding in FY20. The M1A2 SEP v4 is scheduled to begin fielding in FY25.

The below document explains the fielding plan and types well.

Abrams Fielding Plan

Is there a conversion kit to the SEP 3"s available that you are aware of? I think RFM makes a SEP 2 but I don’t know anyone who makes a SEP 3.

None that I know of. For the v3, the UAAPU is the same as it was on the original M1A2, so if you have any older part for that area, you would be good. The M1A2 SEP v3 has added glacis armor, new towing lugs, attachment points of turret ERA panels, extended rear mudflaps, and a few other external changes.

Here is a good walkaround of a freshly minted M1A2 SEP v3 outside the Lima Tank Factory, October 7, 2021. It has the new two-tone green camo as well. You can see the angled UAAPU exhaust cover on the left rear of the hull.


I started to scratch one a long time ago, can’t find the thread, I shelved it primarily waiting to see the final version and paint scheme, now that I see it being fielded to US troops in the two tone green I’ll have to put it to the front of the queue and get it finished up

here’s a short video of the M1A2 SEPv3 being put through its paces during a Tank Table VI qualifications, conducted by the 6th Sq. 8th Cav. Regt. 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team at Ft. Stewart back on July, 2022, after they received their fist batch of SEPv3 tanks.


So what is this two tone green scheme/ pattern? Now that they took my toys away I haven’t kept up.

New factory finish coming out of Lima. I think once the vehicle is assigned to the unit, Brigade Support comes in and paints it according to the location of the unit.

I also think that now that things in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) are warming up; vehicles are going (somewhat) back to the old 3-color NATO scheme.

I don’t know, these guys fielded them and put bumper numbers on them, I think that weird paint job stays :man_shrugging:t2: