M1A2 to SEP?

What external modifications would be required to convert
a model of the M1A2 Abrams to SEP specifications?



At the left rear side of the hull the Under Armor Aux. Power Unit was installed. (square exhaust at the rear left, blocked with a square plate and four bolts when batteries replaced the APU)

Vapor Compression System Unit at the bustle rack and the equivalent ac system “ducts” under the turret

MTLRS Antenna on the turret

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The M1A2 System Enhancement Package (SEP) added digital maps, Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below ([FBCB2]) Linux communications system capabilities for commanders, and an improved cooling system to compensate for heat generated by the additional computer systems.

The M1A2 SEPv2 (version 2) did add the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS or CROWS II) support, color displays, better interfaces, a new operating system, better front and side armor (TUSK kit), and an upgraded transmission for better durability.

The M1A2 SEPv3 added increased power generation and distribution, better communications and networking, new Vehicle Health Management System (VHMS) and Line Replaceable Modules (LRMs) for improved maintenance, an Ammunition DataLink (ADL) to use air-brust rounds, improved counter-IED armor package, improved FLIR using long- and mid-wave infrared, a low-profile CROWS RWS, Next Generation Armor Package (NGAP) and an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) under armor to run electronics while stationary instead of the engine, visually distinguishing the version by a small exhaust at the left rear. More passive ballistic protection added to the turret faces, along with new Explosive Reactive Armor mountings, Abrams Reactive Armor Tile (ARAT) and the Israeli developed “Trophy” Active Protection systems added to the turret sides.

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Not true. The SEP added the VCU and UAAPU (as stated above by gtdeath13). The VCU is a large box (A/C compressor) in the rear turret bustle rack, along with armored conduits for the hoses and such under the turret. The UAAPU was added to the left rear of the hull in place of a fuel tank to provide a better power source than running the main turbine engine when stationary. The UAAPU was later changed to the Hawker Battery System since the UAAPU was not reliable. The Hawker system didn’t work well either and most were removed. The V3 brought back a better UAAPU that does work.

Most (all?) M1A2 SEP kits have parts for both the UAAPU and Hawker Battery System. Left is the UAAPU parts, right is the Hawker Battery System parts.

I did one a while back. You can see the VCU and associated armored conduits and UAAPU features below.



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Thanks to you all for your helpful input.
I work in 1/72 scale, and wonder whether
there is a decent kit of the SEP version in
this particular scale.


Yes there is.


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Check Flyhawk, I think their Abrams in 1/72 are nice

Thanks to you both.


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