M2 Bradley with a mounted Ma Duece

My next build…something you don’t see everyday a M2 Bradley with a M2 Browning. :sunglasses:

Actual vehicle that was with Delta Co. 3-15 Inf. 24th ID


There’s always someone in the company who is good with tools :wink:


Looks good. Is that an M113 .50 cal mount up top?

Looks like the shop welded a mount from the cupola of an M-113 and they slapped the Deuce in there. Clever.

Looks like a 113 mount it to me. I was going to scratch build it since I don’t have
one laying around in the spares box.

Silly Question/s:

Where did they get the .50?
I mean, it wouldn’t be assigned to a Bradley, correct?
Or would it have been assigned to a Heavy Weapon Section assigned to the vehicle?

They could’ve had a .50 in their MTOE (military table of organizational equipment) and most likely acquired the M113 mount from a deadlined vehicle or from one of the Medic tracks from the battalion. M-113 ambulances don’t need those mounts anyways.

And yes, this M-113 armored ambulance is from the 24th; 3/69th (Panthers), same brigade OP served under.


I don’t have a clue were Delta Company got a spare M2. The M88’s had them, so they might have “scrounged” one from the mechanics attached to them.

After seeing this, we was trying to figure out where we could scrounge a M2 to mount on our track. :smile:

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You’d be surprised how easy the supply section can “lateral transfer” a “Gun, Machine, M2” 1 each.

From one unit to another via a DA-2062 (below).

See the source image


AARRRRGGGHHH!!! A hand receipt! The bane of my existence on an FTX! Having to sign one of those and be personally financially responsible for equipment that enlisted men then get to abuse. A SNCO’s nightmare, unless a 2LT is handy…“Here Sir I need your signature.”


Hoo hoo! :rofl: :laughing: :rofl: