M246 question

Hi Folks

Anyone on here know if the M246 tractor truck went on ODS?

Thats the long wheelbase wrecker with fifth wheel on the back.

Also, it has bigger wheels than the rest of the range and is described as longer wheelbase. Anyone know;

  • if these wheels are available in 1/35 and

  • if the wheelbase was longer, or just longer than the wrecker / dump variants?

Thanks Guys

Definitely an interesting vehicle.

I don’t think they were still hanging around by the time of ODS. Also, they were mostly used by the USAF for aircraft recovery.

As to the tires, they were 12.00×20, as oppose to standard 5-ton 11.00×20s. I’m not sure how much of a difference they would be in 1/35.

Here are the differences in wheelbase. According to the below dimensions, the M246 has 36" forward of the rear wheels added.

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Thanks Gino. Pity it wasn’t there, id be keen to build one.

You’re right, an interesting vehicle.

I don’t have any definitive evidence that it wasn’t there, just a gut call on that. I have been wrong before and older vehicles have shown up much later than after they should have been retired. I saw a a few M818 trucks in Iraq from Guard / Reserve units. So you can never say never.

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Interesting. OAT can you say if the M543 and/ or M816 wreckers and M817 dump were used over there?

I would think the M800 series would be more likely, but nothing definitive on any of them being there or not.

Thanks. That sort of works out for me as I was looking to use the HF wrecker conversion on an M54. Now it can wait and go on an M800 or maybe an OIF M939 series.