M270a1 mlrs

Good afternoon. Another of the projects on the work table. I am one of those who think that it is advisable to have 2 or 3 projects at the same time so as not to saturate yourself with the construction of just one. What I was going to. Model of Shanghai Dragon older than the sun and once you assemble it you lose the desire to reassemble kits of this brand. I have used the Royal model enhancement and Eduard’s Interior Photoetch for the interior enhancement. I have scratch made the halon gas boxes, the M240 stock, the AC unit (Thanks Gino) and the shelves at the rear of the cabin. I will try to close the booth to continue with the exterior painting.


I’m confused about the upside down labels, dial faces on the fire extinguishers and partial dial faces on the cabin wall as well as the tape on the doors. What do you have going on there? I’m missing something.


Not at all. Just use 1:48 scale airplane instrument panels to make signs. It really is something that you will not see when the cabin is closed.