M2A0 Bradley Swim Barrier Reference

Is there any reference for M2A0 Bradley’s Swim Barrier? I got most of photos from internet but it isn’t enough to me. I hope to check its structure for post and inside of swim barrier.

For my first reference, I have Japanese [Tank Magazine] for Oct. 1989. There’s little information for swim barrier but I need more instruction for build this to my Tamiya’s M2A0.

This article may help out. Pawel shows were all the connecting points for the struts go on the hull.

You should have what you need between the above, the pics and the magazine drawings (now deleted by the OP). A couple of the struts are included in the Tamiya M2 kit. They fit into slots in the top of the barrier to hold it up.

Tamiya M2A0 have just two parts : B23, B24. These two parts can be tripod for rearside.
But there’re about 10 of struts as you mentioned. And they need another swim barrier post.
I need its information. So I wrote that “post and inside of swim barrier”.
Everybody knows Vodnik’s website if they would update Bradley and I already did over ten years ago for my previous Bradley.

I have left over parts from dozens of almost complete Bradley kits. O may have an assload of the parts you need. I can check in a few hours if that’s helpful.

Hello, 18bravo,

Maybe you don’t remember me, very glad to see you. Actually, I posted my first work here on 2008 and you commented good words of encouragement to me. It was very thanksful.

Today I checked my previous bradley kits and spare parts. Maybe some of them can be useful and something should be scratchbuilt.

I just want to get more information for Swim Barrier. If I get its photos or something inside of Swim Barrier, it would be better so I posted here :slight_smile:

Thank you.


These spare parts would be enough. Thank you for your kindness!!

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