M2A2 ODS...serve in Bosnia?

Trying to decide on how to paint my ODS Bradley, did this version serve in Bosnia and if so I assume it was in the NATO 3 color scheme.


Yes on both accounts.

“A Russian soldier observes a pair of US M2A2 Bradleys going by in Bosnia.”

"US Army soldiers and two M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting vehicles (IFV), one with IFOR markings, are on duty at a roadway checkpoint in Bosnia during Operation Joint Endeavor. "

An IFOR marked US Army M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), with one crewmember standing up through the open turret hatch, is parked on the road at a US Army controlled checkpoint in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

A US Army M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, with IFOR markings, is parked at the TF 1-26 Checkpoint W-30, outside of Camp Demi. The US forces are in Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Guard.

I’m not sure which M2A2 version you have, but note the above ones have fluted barrels and square-block tracks.


Built with the round barrel and seats like the A1 in the rear.

Guess its Sand color then.

Thanks for the info.

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Individual seats in the rear are correct. I’m sure there were still a few around with the round barrel about the time of Bosnia. I would just go with it.

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Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the minutia of a build. :laughing:

Been trying to finish this kit for a few months now. Down to the painting.

Thanks again.

So I think I messed up my M2A2 build…did Bosnia era M2A2 ODS models have the up-armored TOW hatch?

And what about the turrent face armor was it the bolted version on the gunners side or smooth?

And the swim barrier…some vehicles still had them and some didn’t correct?

I think it will be fine. Yes, the TOW reload hatch should have the added armor, as did the turret face. Some did still have the swim barrier as the mods were all done as MWOs (Modification Work Orders) at units or as it went in for Depot-level maintenance, so different configurations existed.