M2A2 OIF stowage questions

I’m building an Academy OIF Bradley with two sets of Verlinden racks. I’m using largely Legend packs and duffels. What were 3rd ID racks most commonly full of, because so many in pics have duffels and covered packs hanging on the racks and elsewhere? Thank you for any input

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They were mainly full of water and MRE boxes and personal gear; duffle bags, ruck sacks, sleeping bags and the likes. The crew carries quite a bit of gear. The crew is normally 9 guys; each with one duffle bag, ruck sack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, etc… The planning factor was also to be able to go at least two weeks w/out a water/rations resupply. That equals 5 gallons of water per man per day, plus 3 MREs per man per day. Once added up, that is a lot of water and MRE boxes.

As a side note, only 2 BDE, 3 ID in OIF 1 (invasion, March '03) had the side racks. These vehicles were drawn from Pre-Positioned (PrePo) stocks in Kuwait and had the locally made side storage racks.

I made one a while ago; you can follow along here.

You can check out the M2/M3 Bradley Reference Archive thread for general Bradley info as well.


Thank you. I’m planning to display it with a Dragon M1 AIM since it has the appropriate bustle rack extension to go with the Bradley

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What about ammo boxes. I know they tended to use 40mm cans for gear, but what about additional 25mm and 30 caliber?

nice build

You could have a few extra ammo boxes. Most of the 25mm is stored inside though.

Here’s one side, the duffels are just tacked on because I have ten that Legend makes on the way.

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Looking really good. Nice looking water bottle and MRE boxes.