M2A3 IFV question

Hello, I’ve noticed M2A3 kit from Meng has rounded front mudguards.

The M2A3 conversion from Legend Productions goes with Tamiya M2A2 ODS who has angular front mudguards.
Is it necessary to change front mudguards ?

Meng’s kit is based largely on photos from this very vehicle:

You may draw your own conclusions. :thinking:

There were also the invisible mudguards


Yes, I’ve seen that too, AFV with lost and also broken mudguards.

M2A3s come in two basic types.

1st Type: Rebuilt to new-standard or updated older vehicles will usually have the flat front mud guards and can have either the newer one-piece or older two-piece front glacis plate with a vertical joint down the middle. Robin_Nilsons’ pic above looks to be one of these vehicles.

2nd Type: New-build vehicles come with the rounded mudguards as in the Meng kit. They also almost always have the newer, one-piece lower front glacis plate.

More info on Bradley evolution here:


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Don’t know about the version of the Bradley but different front mudguards on this one.

Good find. That looks like an M2A2 ODS (rebuild/updated version) that has had one of the mudguards replaced w/the newer, rounded version.

OK thank you.