M3 Bradley O.O.B ....maybe

I have this Tamiya M3 Bradley and the resin base that it will find a home on.
I am going to try to build this OOB , as of now I telling myself that I am not going to go crazy on this one. Normally Tamiya kits are avoided like the plague by me. Often too much to fix.
I have been so busy mastering new stuff that now its time to just play with a kit for purely fun.
This will more than likely be one where the progress is documented here.


Do it !!! OOB… I dare you lol…

The Bradley is one of my favorite subjects. It will look pretty good OOB. Tamiya’s Bradleys are pretty accurate…but can be super-detailed.

Here is some info to chew on.

OOTB… C’mon… you CAN do it!

@Johnnych01 @HeavyArty @RonW …I have been just setting here looking at it and not done a darn thing except see what needs correcting.
I may need to call upon the great and mighty styrene god “Styros” to give me the strength.
Putting the reference down , closing the lap top and diving in

First , skip the suspension until later to prevent breakage , so moving forward we find part numbers on the actual parts .
Helpful hint for anybody that has vision problems … I use a piece of Amber/ Orange clear plastic sheet over thw instructions. It helps to keep the blur away.

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Well so far nothing added that’s not in the box.
The major assemblies are done and now on to fine tuning those and details

I see a few people explaining how they do things so here goes.
The bottom of the vehicle is all black primer, whereas the upper sides and top are grey primer and where they meet it’s Blended in more of a fade in. What this will do is when the top color is sprayed on it will naturally create a tone difference. The base was primed all black then I came back in with the same gray as the vehicle and showing the Highlight areas on the sidewalk debris and building wall section that are catching more sunlight in the lighter gray the front edge of the pavement Fading Into it is gray to a darker black gray. Once again when the top colors are put on this will give a natural tone variation prior to any weathering excetera excetera


Yet another update on this build . I didn’t keep it completely 100% OOB, there are a couple small additions .
Build and prime is essentially done , this has been a super fast build .
Next up is the paint process.


Nice clean build. :+1: :+1:

Say what you want about Tamiya kits but for the most part they are a joy to build fit wise, the instructions are clear and free of errors, and they generally look the part when finished. Tamiya is my go to after a gazillion part build like MiniArt. Stress free and relaxing.

I agree this has been a quick stress free build . Its been a big change from so much scratch build .