M3 Grant Coronado Tan

According to the Shaddock Sherman site, M3 Grants bound for the 8th Army in the Western Desert were painted in Coronado Tan, an automotive paint color, at the factory.
I’ve googled the color, and if it is still the same name and shade as used by GM at that time, (I know that is a stretch) does anybody have a suggestion for a model paint to use as that color? Eyeballing the computer color chip, it looks similar to Humbrol 7 or Humbrol 63. Does anybody have a better or more solid suggestion?

I would start with Humbrol 63 (Sand) and mix it with Humbrol 62 (Leather) or 234 (dark flesh)
My impression of the Coronado Tan is that it is darker and somewhat more red than Hu 63

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The idea of adjusting 63 to match is good. But I figure with a bit of sun fade and dust weathering that the basic 63 should be quite passable… the Encyclocolorpedia website gives approximate matches for the Coronado tan for pretty much every brand and type of paint under the sun…