M3 Half-track

Into the box we go … :grin:

On first glance the parts look ok, details seem nice. A bit of flash and a few sink marks but nothing crazy.

First the Eduard set.

It is meant to come with a printed dash, but I can’t find it. I may have lost it years ago when I opened the pack up years ago.

Rubber parts look like they don’t have any issues and seem to off lasted in the box ok.

First of the figure sprues. Veh stowage and radio is also on this sprue

And the last figure sprue. You get 8 troops plus a driver figure. Don’t think I will be using any of them though.

Although the PE does come with a dash, I may just use the kit one as the Eduard one needs the missing printed dash background…kit one looks ok though.

I was going to shave off the side stowage (ladder type ) racks, but after Rob @18bravo showed the picture of the late M3A1, I was going to keep them on.

Then, when it was apparent that a handful of A2s got built, I felt it was fair just to build it as one and crack on with it.

The Tamiya instructions do actually say how to convert it back to an A1 so a bit of credit to them for that .

I fully see what people mean about the track sprockets and idlers, not cut away by far, but they will have to do for this unfortunately.

Right, will cut a bit of plastic and get started … Stay tuned troops :grin:


Actually that was me that posted the photo, that’s my name watermarked on it. :wink:


Plastic has been snipped :grin:

It actually goes together pretty well with the bits I’ve done upto now.

Need to look at the PE instructions to see what I’m going to use, and when it needs to be going on so I get as much out of it as possible


Ken, apologies mate… I was looking at the quote from 18Bravo directly above it and didn’t think about :+1::+1:

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No worries. :+1:

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These are the figures that are nice to cut up and reposition the way you want them… it is that driver, sitting wide legged that I changed into someone getting out of the drivers cabine.

Nice to see another halftrack, looking forward to the result!

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I know you want a budget build, but maybe as set from Archer may be within costs constraints?



Could well be Bert. They will just into the spare figure box, although I may use the driver… Not sure yet

Thanks Peter, it’s not so much budget wise, more not that worried by it. Although it sounds odd, I don’t mind painting the dash boards if it’s possible. Makes me feel like I tried a bit harder…
And the dash on this isn’t to shoddy for raised details…and it will be partially hidden away at the end.


I’m glad you posted that photo of the dash, I had searched the internet for good photos of it to see what the kit contained but came up empty.

That is the dashboard/gauge cluster of White, Autocar and Diamond T manufactured half tracks. This was not the dashboard found in the M3A2, which used the International Harvester dash/gauge cluster.


W/A/DT dashboard


International Harvester/M3A2 dashboard


Ken, are you seriously trying to make this build as hard as possible ??? Lol… Only kidding.
Great references there, and interesting to see the difference between the manufacturing plants.

Sadly my skills will not be up to scratch building a new dash so the kit one it will be.

I’ve no doubt others will try and do one if they do the A2 version, even if numbers of it were very limited so those images will be a godsend.

Please feel free to highlight any A2 funnies between it and the A1 as the build progresses, as it’s all great info :+1::+1:

Decided to primer everything on the sprue as I was bored.

Started putting the suspension units together and hit the first funny…

Instructions clearly direct you insert the 2 circular connections on A5 into the 2 holes in A15…now, can anyone see those holes lol…anyway it all fits …

Then I did my first goof… I stupidly put the front wheel rears, into the rear of the sprockets… Luckily I spotted it just before the things set so managed to safe it … Just :ok_hand:


Nothing spectacular… Primed the chassis earlier so I can now start building up some sub assemblies and getting the inside areas painted

I was thinking about doing a top cover for the crew compartment partially closed, maybe from the rear to half way along and the support bars … Not sure yet …


Assembled a bit more on the chassis

Have only put 1 side of the rear track suspension on, as I’m going OD all that tomorrow, then do the small wheels by hand.

Have also started on the cab and engine covers. The bonnet top is just taped in at the mo so the sides keep their shape as I still need to add the dash, which I will paint tomorrow as well.


Quick update, weather has put me off doing much… To hot at night so just been sat in garden chilling…

I have begun the prep for the etch I’m going to use. Carving off various bits and sanding or filling…
I won’t use all the etch, in fact a lot of it won’t be touched, it’s either to fiddly or the kit stuff looks more realistic and not so flat as a lot of PE does… Anyway, the bits I do use should help improve the areas they go into. Stay safe :+1:


Started putting a bit of PE on. Did the side Jerry can mounts and the holders.

Will add the retainer straps tomorrow.

Some the detail is good on this, such as the bonnet pull downs, the PE ones are just flat and just don’t have the look that the kit ones give.

It’s a shame I can’t do anything with the ladder type stowage rack, that would be great to detail but it’s beyond me, and would involve a lot of work.

Anyway, wil see what else I can get done tomorrow now I’m on my 4 days off.


Put a quick base coat of OD down on the chassis… Just normal Tamiya and mixed 50/50

All is going ok at the mo with no hiccups :+1:


Shhhh don’t say that out loud. lol

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Yeah true… Probably the kiss of death lol


But more PE done.

All going on well, I dont think I will be using as much of the PE as I thought. Some still looks to flat compared to the kit part.

More tomorrow…:+1: