M3 Lee Mid-production Sahara with Crew | Armorama™

Here we get a look at the M3 Lee Mid-production Sahara with Crew in 1/35th scale from MiniArt.

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Looks like a pretty nice set. Personally I would prefer the figures to be from the original movie with Bogie and the other actors depicted.

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Seems a nice set, but noticed this - “Jim Belushi, plus a ragtag assortment of stranglers”
OK, I guess that’s a typo, wondering if they were going for stragglers, or strangers, & got the worst combo instead?


I saw both movies, but I prefer the older Sahara movie with Humprey Bogart the best. It’s funny that the older movie had U.S. halftracks used by the Germans, and had German markings on them, and I hate it when Hollywood does that thinking that the movie goers don’t or won’t know the difference,

Well,the original was filmed during the war in 1943,probably Hollywood didn’t have a lot of 250’s and 251’s available to them yet.Not much they could do at the time,had to work with what they had.

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I used to think the same until I changed my mind, it’s a movie and not a Documental… In any other field I would never notice the difference, so why not forget about this? I enjoy movies much more since then.

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