I am considering building a greek M32B4 but can only find (and find reference to) one picture (inculded) which appears to be an unofficial modified model. There was one US made prototype built (picture included, next post) form the information i have been able to find on the shadock (link in next post) indicates it never left the US

“While the M32B4 never officially existed with no records of any being built and the designation being cancelled, there is a photo on the web of an M32B4 in post-war Greek service which no-one can adequately explain. Greece received 4 M32s from the UK with their Centaurs.” (Quote from the forum linked)
I have been unable to find any other pictures or information about the m32b4 (greek or otherwise). Any help would be appreciated.

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The shadock http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/tankrecovery/trv_49.jpg


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