M34 truck question

I am gathering the parts to start an M34 conversion using an AFV Club M35A1 as a base. I have found the M34 TM in downloadable format, and it has been very helpful.

TM 9-819 M34.pdf

However, I cannot find anything on the exhuast pipe routing. I am assuming it is the same as the M35A1 where it runs along the right side of the frame and exits between the rear wheels. Anyone know for sure or have any other documentation on it?

This is a diagram of the M35A1 exhaust routing. This is what you get in the AFV Club M35A1 “Nancy” guntruck kit.

It kind of looks like an exhaust pipe between the rear wheels on this pic, but I can’t really see it well.

Looking at my old Monogram kit, that is how they depict it if that helps. Wayne

Thanks Wayne.

I also found a pic to confirm it.

This is an M50 water tank truck, same bed as M34, that has been converted into a BBQ rig. The exhaust is right where expected.

I also saw a youtube video about the REO M 34 Eager Beaver underwater trials that shows the exhaust snorkel coming out from this position. Entertaining short video. Wayne