M35 truck family trailer gladhands

No, they have air over hydraulic brakes, basically air-assisted hydraulic brakes. M54 trucks also had air over hydraulic brakes, but had front gladhands for towing as well.

I finally found a way to turn the PSM parts into credibly-looking gladhands: The ones with valve handle (see photo above) were drilled through lengthwise, then cut apart into handle and coupling, to be re-united again on a piece of wire after turning around the handle part and drilling a 2mm hole into the tail light bracket. The wire was then led into the frame rails.
The pictures show a dry fit, hence the limp look:

Still missing are the dust covers, and I don’t know if I’ll go to the trouble of whittling them, remembering the amount of work that demanded with my HST.
Anyway, what do the experts think - is it “close enough for government stuff”?

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They look pretty good. The issue I have with them is it looks like they are supposed to be two gladhands coupled together. The turned coupler part is what looks off to me.

James’ look correct with the straight coupler part.

Maybe cut the turned part off and glue it back in a straight line w/the pipe.

I see your point, Gino, but with this part of the gladhands being tucked away into the tight space between bumperette, load bed and tail light, I guess that not much of it can be seen anyway, as opposed to the shutoff handle. But then, nothing’s glued yet …

" For what it is worth in my research for the build, even the WWII Mack NO had front mounted glad hands."

My understanding is the Mack NO, as a Heavy Artillery Prime Mover, would have had front fittings to help emplace the air-assist brakes on the M1 155mm & 8" Howitzer respectively?

HeavyArty Gino Q, will likely shed more light on this.

They resemble those seen on German military trucks…(PSM is a German brand)


Well, here they are, with a little paint and the tail lights mounted provisionally (white glued). Unless somebody calls them impossible, I think I’ll leave them like this. Let me know what you think.

And please: do they have to be painted red and yellow, or is OD/Forest Green ok?

Looks pretty good. They are either red and blue, or red and yellow. The red is emergency line and yellow or blue is service line.

Thank you very much, Gino.