M35A2 Crew Cab Kitbash

Wasn’t sure if I should post it here or not, but since it’s not a standard M35 I figured here was better.

The cab is pretty straightforward. The frame is needing extensive modification. This is the progress this far, as I await the detail sets.

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Always up for watching a good kitbash Matt, great to see you on the new forums!

Looking forward to progress updates, any hints on the final finish? Will this be re-purposed in civvy colours?

Cheers, D

I think it’s likely going to stay in the OD family… maybe some black as well.

I’ve got the roof printing, and a roof rack designed.


From the mad scientist in 3d printing himself! That roof and rack looks cool! are you going to bob the bed somehow? maybe make it a 4x4 and not 6x6? and squeeze in some of those bigfoot super singles?? :smiley: lol -

Looking forward to your progress, Matt -



Yep… Bobbed 4x4 is correct. I’m planning on a M105 trailer box as the bed. (just need to cast one up) I’m contemplating doing the 5 ton style crane/spare thing between the box & cab. I’m exploring the tire options, as there’s no M35A3 wheel options out there.

I had ordered a HMMWV interior set from ET model, and it had the wrong resin seats in it. I’ve contacted them and they’re sending the correct one, but them being China based I have no clue how long it’ll be till they get here.


Ok… don’t measure & CAD when you can’t sleep… the roof was too wide… Do’h :roll_eyes:

Made the mods, added a bit of interior support to it as well…

Ok, new roof printed:

PE set is here as well. But alas Work and a family emergency has kept me from progressing with the build.

Well, the project is on hold… I’ve developed Shingles…and I’m not even 50 yet, so no vaccine. The outbreak is on my left shoulder, and the pain has started getting more and more intense in the shoulder joint. UGH It hasn’t affected my ability to do my normal job as my arm is mostly stationary, I just have to type right handed only… hoping this doesn’t last too long.

Here’s hoping for a very speedy recovery so you can return to model building.

All the best,

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Age is really not a factor. I had it at 34. It really hurt and sucked for about 3 weeks, then cleared up. Good luck.

Best of luck recovering. My one-time boss had it in her 40’s - she recovered nicely.

Pain has been down, so CAD work its been.

LED bar or should I use the Bronco individuals?


Use a row of the individuals. The bar looks like som infrared porch heater

I’ll elaborate a bit more too… I plan on using some 1/72 scale PSP plate in between the uprights on the roof basket. (I’s too think to print reliably) I’m getting ready to print the basket. the first one failed as the bars were a bit too thin.

Ok, ET Model came thru… the replacement seats arrived today along with some PE welds as a bonus. Maybe now The motivation will come back.

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