M36 Jackson (AFV Club) a General Discussion:

M36 Jackson, - just a General Discussion:

Was recently gifted the AFV Club rendition on the M36 Jackson. After searching the Armorama site for reference I found only older reviews listed in the Archives. Might there be any other, more updated info on this kit?

All in all I found this kit to be generally well done. I was particularly impressed with the then newly tooled turret which also included a turned aluminum barrel.

However I quickly learned that AFV took a shortcut by reusing their upper body shell from the M-10 which employs the incorrect diesel engine rear deck rather than retooling a proper engine deck for the GAA gas engine. This I found very disappointing.

However I will point out that even in some of the government documents I have found they carry illustrations of BOTH the diesel and the GAA gas engines as being applied to the M36. Some of these illustrations appear on the same page, side by side! Clearly, it would seem there were some early production prototype M36’s that employed the diesel engine.

Of course the model comes with only the age old rubber band tracks but given that the top run of the track (where any sag would be most likely to appear) is well hidden by the armor I feel that with a little paint and lite weathering these tracks will do nicely.

So I am now looking for ANY further info anyone may care to add to this thread.



I remember this review of the kit from back in the day.

Perth Military Modelling Review: AFV Club M36 Jackson in the box

“On checking all sources it appears to be a latter M3A1 barrel without the fume extractor was used as a basis for the measurements, this may also explain the incorrect engine deck if AFV Club used a post war vehicle as a basis for this kit.”

Maybe OK for a post war version. I’m not up on the fine points on the M36, hopefully someone else can help.

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Thanks for that additional reference. I had not seen that one!

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you need to put in some work in order to get a WW2 M36. Add details and correct others.

If you are interested in M36B2 I have the TM if you want it. I also have the TM for the M3 gun.

IIRC they were only fielded as petrol-engined, recycling hulls intended for the M10A1, so the AFV Club hull rear is wrong. Also, AFV botched the road wheels in all their Sherman-based kits, with over-thick rubber tyres. But the turret is good!


Holy crap, that dude white washing, just tossing a bucket full onto the bogie!


The only chance I ever had to photograph an M36: 2008 Buckley Homestead Event; Lowell, Indiana

Rear engine deck can be seen fairly well in some of these photos as can the rear tail plate details.

NOTE: the presence of the side add-on armor bolt heads. The same ones AFV tells you to sand off!

I was told this one had been repatriated from Russia.


Interesting E9 suspension…

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If you want a different track type and/or duckbills.


Former Yugoslavia, more likely. Several were found during that bit of localised brutality, and I recall seeing pics of at least one being recovered and shipped to the USA. The odd boxes around the headlights are a clue.


Quite a few pictures of M36’s from the Balkan conflict in this IIRC. Yves Debay took many fantastic pictures etc.


If AFV had referenced a museum piece (as they possibly did!), and the museum had replaced an M36 turret on an M10 chassis (as they possibly did!) to make an “M36”, no wonder AFV got it wrong, because the museum also got it wrong!
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Good information on the vehicle and plenty of reference photos here


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Old kit old reviews.
Check the AMPS site for something on it.
But it’s still a top quality kit

Tank Workshop used to make upgrades for the Afv Club M-36, one of my favorite vehicles… A corrected hull and interior upgrades… Mine is packed away in a box. Maybe you can find them somewhere like eBay? They are worth the expense.
Unlike the M-10, the M-36 has a power traverse system and controls similar to the Sherman. Maybe you can rob a Sherman turret interior???
The ammunition storage in the hull sponsons have the rounds still in their packing tubes and strapped in.
Also if remember correctly, the M-36 has a partial turret basket while the M-10 does not have one at all. Also I believe the floor plates are different too. Also in the back of the turret is a ready round rack in the turret bustle/ counter-weight that had a two part canvas curtain protecting the rounds.
Wish I could provide pictures and my notes, but they are all packed away as I am moving.
I grew up next to a guy (long passed away I am afraid) that worked at Aberdeen Proving Ground and was involved in the development of the Sherman, M-10 and M-36.
One thing he always said was how peace time army politics really interfered with the development of things until the troops landed and started I countering the Germans in combat.


MB Models did a conversion also, for the Italeri kit. There are two on eBay right now.
M36 Jackson Conversion Kit by MB in 1/35 scale | eBay
1:35 Resin Model Detail Kit WWII US M36 Jackson Hull M36B1 MB Italeri Models | eBay

Or you could use parts from the Academy version. It has the correct engine deck, as a separate drop in piece no less! It’s road wheels look good, and it has the armored top that was added in the field.


Thanks for the info on the conversion kits.

Since this model came to me gratis, my current plan is to modify the exhaust grill to at least look MORE correct and just let that long extended turret bustle hide the rear deck inaccuracies. Also planning on adding the control laterals and some other driver’s compartment details.

I will also be adding additional details to the turret based on found photo references: canteens, grease guns, helmets, lollipop microphones, musette bags, gas cans, etc.

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Found some interior reference:





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In that case, just moving the filler cap covers to the correct locations will help a lot!