M40 106mm RCL color inquiry

Hello all!

I have recently purchased the Dragon kit of the Mechanical Mule with the 106mm recoilless rifle mounted. I also have the Academy M50A1 Ontos kit in the ‘partially completed’ stash.

My question is aimed at hearing any suggestions for a specific product to replicate the ‘parkerized’ color of the 106mm gun itself.

Thank you for reading this.

In the past I’ve used a dark Panzer Grey and then applied some graphite (from a pencil) sort of scrubbed in with a shortened paintbrush.


+1 to that.

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That’s a very interesting technique which I hadn’t thought of, using panzer grey and graphite. I’ll have to test it out on some spare parts first to see how well it matches to the color photos of the Ontos 106’s in the David Doyle book. I have been considering using one of the darker color Modelmaster Metalizers, however I’m not sure if I could locate any of those anymore.