M40A1 recoilless rifle ammo decals

Anyone know who makes decals for the M40 recoilless rifle ammo? Thanks in advance.

i think there are decals in the afv club kit

Thank you for your response David. I looked at the instructions for the AFV club kit and it looks like it only has markings for the TOW system.

To be honest wouldn’t they be pretty small in 1:35? And I’m assuming you mean the cardboard tubes or whatever the rounds come in?

If so, then you might find the decals in this set suitable - they’re pretty small (and therefore relatively indistinct) but at least you’d have an effect:

Out of production but still around. Just a thought…

Yeah you’re right Brian. And I do have that set in my stash I think. Do t think anyone would notice being they’re almost impossible to read.
I’m trying to restart my Suez diorama with 3 para and I need to finish the hero with the recoilless rifle.

Here are the 1:1 ones for an innert round


I meant I have to finish the Jeep with the M40. Damn autocorrect!

Yeah I guess I could get away with some random decals or scribble something on them .

Well, good luck with it all - looking forward to the finished product!

Thanks Brian I have a way to go yet. I’d like to have it finished by the first weekend in May as I’m going to a show in Pennsylvania.
Then there’s the matter of correcting the Paras’ backpacks and canteens. (We’ve spoken about this before Brian) . Not sure I’m going to even bother with the canteens but the back packs should be an easy fix with some sculpting clay.

I think it was the 1937 pattern web gear? I forget - but I know I have to add a small pouch on either side of the backpack.

Sorry it was the 44 pattern gear. The canteens look very similar to the US type but longer.

Yes it was '44 pattern, or at least for the Paras (and I assume the Royal Marines); everyone else I’m sure had to carry on with '37 pat.

It should be easy enough to convert any figures if they’re kitted out with '37 pat. The ammo pouches are positioned around the same height and as you note the small pack should be easy enough to modify. Cross straps a bit of a problem but then, all concealed by the pack anyway. Water bottle will have to be replaced/manufactured, but I shouldn’t think that’s a show-stopper. Personal weapons, will, the good old Lee Enfield Mk IV, and the Sten, the latter though with the wooden butt, and foregrip (and bayonet if desired).

Just a refresh (as you note we have discussed before but just in case anyone else wants to know what we’re blathering on about):

44 Pat 1

Im still sorting through which figures I will use from various manufacturers. They’re all WW2 paras so there shouldn’t be much to do to fix them except what we spoke about yes.

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