M41 DK old Tamiya in Danish fashion

I show you a work I did a few years ago but which in my opinion remains fascinating. below is the good old Tamiya walker bulldog … above the attempt to keep it updated by the Danes


A lot of work but very well done; I note that Accurate Armour have a conversion kit for this albeit with the stowage baskets filled.

A smart looking kit and I look forward to seeing it painted and finished.

Wow. Nice scratch work. I have never seen this variant before. :+1: :+1:

the piant job is simple (or better…it is my best!)


That looks amazing!
Love all the scratch work.

Only ever see the Acurate Armour version of this, but WOW. This is amazing!

That is impressive!!

I like it a lot, there has been some serious work put into that. Been a favourite of mine for some years and often thought of getting the AA version but there has always been something else to get. It’s like a baby Leopard.

That’s a lot of work there and looks fantastic!

Great build! Chapeau!

lights is still missing but the general finishing is complete


What a totally different looking beast; absolutely love it. 'Hard to think there’s an M41 under that. If I may I’d suggest some antennae?

I now feel I’ll have to give Accurate Armour some money - I haven’t the scratch skills to match yours.

Again,. very well done.

Excellent job! Great build and paint job!


Wow! Superb work on your conversion! Bravo!

:+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Well done. I may have to copy your conversion. Really different in my opinion. :+1: :+1: