M41A3 Walker Bulldog In US Army Service In 1962

I read that these tanks were being phased out during the late 1950’s in Europe, but they were used in numbers in Thailand during show of force exercises there. Were they still used by the US Army in Europe? In the 1960 movie G. I. Blues with Elvis Presley, there were lines of trucks and medium tanks, but I did wonder how US forces were set up then.

Well, try a bit more reading such as this site:

USAREUR Units & Kasernes, 1945 - 1989 (usarmygermany.com)

Have you tried Google?

National Guard used them well into the late sixties and maybe even the seventies.

Thanks for the link. As for Google, I haven’t been able to find clear evidence as to whether the title tank remained in Europe or not. Or in the book I have about the M41 armor series.