M47 ROK 1980s

Takom kit OOB. They supply a jig for the link and length tracks but my jig did not conform to the actual hull. Had I relied exclusively on the jig I would have come up 1 link short. Other than that no real issues.

Thanks for looking.


That’s very nice indeed; just one comment - perhaps antennae?

Nice, crisp camo and the minimal weathering allows you to show it off- great stuff.

Low shelves so no antenna.

Ah, my apologies - I think we’ve discussed this before.

Not a biggie. I 'd like to put them on and I’ve tried removable ones in the past but I always forget to either put them in when I go to a show or forget to remove them before I put them back. Less frustrating to just leave them off.


Thanks. I did the two base colors freehand using an Aztek 470 AB the crows feet were done with a brush.

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Very nice. It looks great.

On a side note, it is interesting how the ROK has kept MERDC camo, even until today. I believe Greece has done the same.

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Thanks for the info Gino. I was kind of wondering about that myself.

Excellent job, looks great

Radio silence… hand and arm signals only. :wink:


Looks great and a rare subject also. Very nice!!!

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Love it! The dusty but not disgusting look is spot on.

Which paint references did you use for the main colors?


The green is custom mixed Tamiya, no recipe just eyeballed it till it looked right. The tan is Tamiya Flat Earth lightened with white.

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Thank you. I’ll give a try to your tan recipe on my Black Panther.


Great paint job, wish I could do that half as well!
One question: The shock absorbers appear somehow silvery - optical illusion or did the Koreans really paint them that way, and if they did, what for?

I use a chrome pen to replicate the wear on the shocks.

Very nice job. The green looks like a good match to me. Here’s an actual Korean M47. The earth on the real thing is a little faded in places.

As for the silver on the shocks, I shall have to try a chrome pen - never used one before. I have been using chrome foil for similar things, i.e. equilibrators on howitzers, to good effect.

The only problem with the M47 is that there are no exposed “chromed” parts on those shocks - those parts that would usually be silver are hidden under protective shrouds.

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Ahh. Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info. Easy enough to fix.

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