M48 Fuel Drum Rack?

Does anyone know of some aftermarket producer who makes the fuel drum racks used on M48s and M48A1s in 1/35? Or is it a scratch one yourself situation? I’m not turning up anything via Google so far…

Nope, none makes it. Slingshot was trying to make a prototype but his real work is making him go back on producing new stuff.

Here are some views of the 1:1 one :



Here are a couple of shots of one I found on the web that someone built. He did a nice job on it.

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@Frenchy, @HeavyArty,

Thanks for the photos guys. I was just hoping that maybe somebody had 3-D printed one up.

Me too; whilst the scratch-built one looked pretty good I just haven’t the talent, and it would really ring the changes on my M48 and M103. Sigh.

You can do it Brian, give a shot !