M48 vs M48A1 of I Love Kit

Anybody around here knowing about the differences of the kits? I’m aware of the differences of the originals but the ILK M48 box art still shows the TC .50 turret like the M48A1 had.

Are there other differences?

I think they missed the boat on the M48.

From the Patton-Mania website:

"The first production M48s can easily be distinguished by the .50cal being mounted on an external cradle without any armor protection.

The M48A1 received the M1 commanders’ cupola providing armored cover and enclosing the .50 cal."

Also, most M48s had smaller loaders’ and driver’s hatches. They were later enlarged on the A1 and carried through later versions.

Basically, it looks like their M48 is actually an early M48A1. Looking at sprue shots from the I :heart: Kit website, the M48 looks to have one extra sprue which has the tensioner wheels and mounts, a different turret basket, an external radio box, and a muffler for an APU.

This website explains the M48 well:

And the M48A1:

To backdate it to an M48, you need a Chrysler cupola for the TC’s position. It looks similar to an Urdan cupola, but is different.

Micro Cosmos out of Greece makes the Chrysler cupola.


In a nutshell:
ILK included some parts for the differences but missed the more obvious one (external cradle instead M1 commander’s cupola) and the more expensive ones (mold changes for smaller hatches).


It looks that way.

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Interestingly Dragon had the beginnings of an early M48 possibility with their M54E1 kit. The upper hull had a really nice early small drivers hatch and flush periscopes. The early fenders in the kit were so-so, the hull had the wrong late idler spindle mount and of course the absolutely terrible turret!
If you can find this kit cheap, buy it for the upper hull for kit bashing possibilities.