M48 with M60 machine gun

Good morning
I’m looking for pictures of M48 Mod B with an M60 with shield on the turret
Vietnam era
I looked but couldn’t find anything but I know there is a set at FC Model Trend
Thank you to those who can help me


Perhaps not the photos you’re looking for but here are a couple of M48s with M60s

Dozer M48 with M60 and ACAV shield

Mod B with M60D
m48 60 50 10th cav? big bertha

Mod B with M60
M48A3 Mod B 1:4 Cav 1st Inf


Here is a more complete pic of one of the two M48s shown on the FC Model Trend box art. Taken from Pinterest.

M48A3 (A-15) from A Troop, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment. Hill 29, Tam Ky, Quàng Tín, Vietnam. 1968/69


Three more. Googled, “M48A3 Tam Ky”


thanks everyone for the pictures
it’s to put on an M48 takom
has anyone already done this?