M48A2 In USMC?

I mentioned in the past the idea of Gomer Pyle at Camp Pendleton, with a tank as part of the idea. I just got the Revell kit, and wondered if such a tank were in USMC service in that era. Yes, Dragon makes an M48A3 but it would be rather “new” for that era, and I assume Camp Pendleton would be usig older tanks in that era. Any further info?

According to this we had A2s. Not an expert to know if the photo is misinterpreted or not.

At Camp Pen or Camp Elliot down the road in the Reserves I don’t know either but it is possible.

The page indicates M48A1 as M48A2, which is wrong . Photo copied for reference

The USMC had M48A1 and then got the A3 variant as is correctly mentioned on another page of the same website


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Thanks, I didn’t know M103 tanks were still at Camp Pendleton in the 1960s.

The M48A3 was what landed in DaNang in March 1965. They were not new at that time, but not that old either.

Here is a good brief rundown on M48 variants
M48 Patton Mania

Here’s one on me. I found this article by accident: M48 through M48A3 Patton Tanks | Weapons and Warfare

So it went from M48A1 to M48A3 in the USMC. Wonder how long the M48A1’s were in service though.

Up until 1964 when the USMC received their last M48A3 if I recall correctly