M48A3 Units / Assignments

Other than Vietnam , where were the A3s used? I know none made it to Europe. (units there went from A2C to M60) Did any make it to Korea? (A2 s and A5s, I know ) I’m talking US, not foreign operators. Thanks

Good topic, I’ve got an old Tamiya A3 I built without the cupola riser and super detailed years ago, would like to build a non Vietnam version

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From what I have read, M48A3 tanks were fully fielded by early 1957 and were sent to Europe. All in Europe were replaced by 1961 with M60 tanks. They continued to serve in Vietnam, but as units rotated back stateside, their M48A3s were replaced with M60s as well. Most M48A3s were transferred to South Vietnam or Thailand. The M48A3 was withdrawn from active combat duty from the US Army and USMC by 1973, being replaced w/M60A1 tanks. Some did continue to serve in the Army National Guard until the late 1970s.

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That’s what I’m gunning for. Have the new Revell A2CGA1 and A2CGA2 … nice kits. They have an A2 / A2C with US (Fulda and Korea markings along with Bundeswehr and Israeli) I waant to get. Was thinking of getting an A3 for a Germany based unit but found they never got them. Hoping Korean based US one or post war USMC (to use the wading kit) Round the group off with the A5K.

The M48A2 was fielded in 1957. It had the new engine deck, but retained the gasoline engine. The M48A3 series were all rebuilds of older tanks, that received diesel engines. The 1963 upgrade series were based on the M48A1. The 1968 batch were based on the M48A2. In 1974, all remaining M48 series tanks were upgraded again to M48A5, which had the 105 mm gun.

A2s were not converted to A3s. All A3s were built off of M48s and M48A1s.