M48A5 MOLF conversion set for Takom M48 kits

3D Microcosmos has released a 3D printed set for converting the Takom M48A5 or M48A3 (all A5 parts included in the kit) to a Hellenic Army Version M48A5 MOLF, which is an upgrade to the standard A5 with the Leopard 1A5 FCS.

The real thing:

The set comes in a brown box filled with a bunch of bags

and includes the following:

  1. LM Decals set for Hellenic Army and Cypriot National Guard M48 vehicles (plus bonus M88 markings) and a set for tactical markings.

  1. A two piece 105mm barrel with thermal shroud

  1. Crosswind sensor in the upright or folded position

  1. Loader’s MG-3 with its mount

  1. Gun travel lock for the engine deck:

  1. Water canister, driver’s hatch periscope cover, antenna bases:

  1. Smoke grenade launchers, one can use the kit included ones also:

  1. .50 cal machine gun for the commander’s cupola:

  1. New gunner’s sight and tactical marking boards:

  1. A one piece Chrysler commander’s cupola with the periscopes, an impressive piece:

There are no instructions included in the set but you can find them on 3D Microcosmos page and I am sure they can send them to you if you contact them.

The final product:

All parts of the set are also sold separately from what I have been told.


Looks great.Ive got Slingshot models conversion for the Academy m48a5 kit.Had it years.Dont think i shall use it on a Academy m48.

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Is this similar to the early Chrysler MG mount on Jordanian M48s? from back during the 6DW?

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Yeap, same cupola

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I wish someone would do just that cupola in particular, along with the Fuel Drum Rack. A bit niche, but it’d be a great mod for the Takom M48A3.

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It is sold separately.


I emailed Slingshot the other day asking if they were still in business, as their website is still up, but I got no reply.

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They are not in business. That is why Microcosmos did their set.

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That’s a lot of really pretty pieces…


Russ you know you want to…