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Darren Baker takes a look at the M4A3 (76)W Sherman from Zvezda in 1/35th scale.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/m4a3-76-w-sherman
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A easy to built Sherman with sufficient amount of parts (with reasonable price) is always welcomed. I have only two kidneys, and some offering on the market couldn’t be satisfied with those two :wink:
A good beginner’s kit which will not force away less experienced modellers, and also intrigue them to start converting, mixing and scratchbuilding things.
The only problem i saw, if i wanted to depict a photographed version of NARVIK II are (possibly) wrong tracks as shown in those pics

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Many thanks Darren for this review.

About the muzzle brake. It is true that muzzle brake typical of the M1A2 76 mm gun is most of the time seen on M4A3 with the oval hatch T23 turret and the HVSS boogies (E8) but as usual with Sherman, they are exceptions. For example, Allies-Axis n°13 (Ampersand) shows a very late VVSS M4A3 76 mm with an oval hatch turret + a muzzle brake (p.81) and -icing on the cake- T-49 cleat tracks which are more commonly seen on Lend lease M4 (Russian, British…).
And the same publication provides also a picture of a M4A3E8 (T66 tracks) fitted with a M1A1C gun… with no muzzle brake :wink:

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True that different pictures from Chars Français confirm that Narvik (501e RCC) is fitted with T51 rubber pad tracks instead of the steel chevron T54E1 provided in the Zvezda kit. But this option is the most commonly found option on M4A3 in ETO… and the regular T51 are very often provided by kit maker from Tamiya to Tasca/Asuka and or Miniart, Bronco… they are plenty of options not necessarily expensives (vinyl, plastic, metal, resin…) to get the right T51 tracks for your Narvik … may be even a swap with the plastic tracks from Zvezda ?

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