M4A3E8 In Europe?

I’ve bought the Rye Field model kit for the Korean War, but it mentions in the instructions a scheme for Germany in 1945. I thought that particular version was only used in the Korean War, but maybe I’m wrong. Who knows?

Looks like Europe to me,
not 100% sure about exactly which type of Sherman it is,
looks like an E8 to me …

Its more about smalls details added post war that the kit has vs a WWII version.

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There was a whole movie about it in Europe with Brad Pitt!

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M4A3E8 of the 745th Tank Battalion Germany April 1945

More here

Took me less than 10 seconds…


The earliest reliably dated operational photo I’ve seen of an M4A3E8 (yes, I know that’s not the official designation) is in ‘The Bulge’ in December 1944.

To the best of my knowledge, the main difference between the ‘Easy 8’s’ used in WW2 & those used in Korea is the engine deck.

Trying to keep the answer simple. The end of the WWII Easy 8 production included a number of enhancements. These include mantlet cover fittings, engine grill stoppers, steel chevron tracks, heavy duty exhaust deflector, to name the most obvious. Some of these vehicles made it to Europe in 1945. I am not too informed on post war additions that would have appeared in Korea, except for the infantry call box on the rear plate and the first aid box on the starboard hull side. Hope this is helpful.
Jim Zeske

Is it safe to assume at least some of these were also used in the Pacific? Okinawa reportedly used lots and lots of tanks. It would explain how this type was also in Korea, seeing that many of the Shermans were derelicts rescued from Pacific islands.

Personally, I haven’t come across any photos of M4A3E8’s in action on Okinawa during the battle there. The Marines were using 75mm M4A2s and M4A3s, while the Army used the 75mm, 105mm, and flame gun, large hatch composite hull M4s and M4A3s. Yes, the battle losses of US tanks on Okinawa were significant due to the Japanese defenses.

The little-known Easy 8 with the 75mm gun did appear in the Philippines in 1945. These had started production in December, 1944 at Fisher, and a handful reached Europe before VE Day. The fighting in the Philippines continued into June, 1945, so they actually had some time to see action. There is a photo of a large number of them cocooned for sea transport outside Manila in August, 1945, and one has bands of black cammo paint, suggesting it was issued and used in combat. To produce one, just mate a late M4A3 75 mm turret with an Easy 8 hull. The turret should have the all-round vision cupola.

That’s probably a M4A3 105mm HVSS in the Phillipines. Some of those fought at Okinawa.

Technically the M4A3 105mm HVSS is also an “Easy 8” due to the suspension. But it’s not the M4A3 76mm HVSS that most modelers know as the “Easy 8” with the T23 turret and 76mm gun.

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