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Came out looking nice. Good job on it.


Nice work!

Very well done! What was your method/paints for the OD paint job?, you have some really nice subtleness and variation.

Very nice. Really like the paint job. One of the most trouble free kits I ever built. Absolutely no issues for me. Hope it was the same for you.

Really like the paint job and subtle weathering…well balanced.

Thank you all for your friendly comments - I really appreciate them.

@ PappyChappy

I’m sorry but what’s an “OD paint job” please? I don’t know what it is.


OD refers to the paint color olive drab.

@ Armorsmith

Aaah, I see - thank you.

@ PaggyChappy

The paint job was as simplier as it looks.

  1. I applied a layer Tamiya fine primer (white) straight out of the spray can.
  2. Then I simply used one color: Tamiya’s LP-29 (Olive Drab 2).
    • No variations
    • No mixing with other colors
    • and in particular no color modulation

I’ve used Tamiya colors as stated in the instructions e.g. Khaki Drab, Rubber Black etc.

Then I added a washing with a mixture of Tamiya Enamels XF-1 and XF-64 (Black and Red Brown).

At the final I added some pigments.

That’s all - in contrast to the important micro painting which was by more time-consuming

Thank you again.