M50A1 Ontos

Getting ready to start the Acadey 1/35th scale M50A1 Ontos kit. I am looking for suggestions, especially with mounting the barrels of the recoiless rifles.

Academy photographed and measured a museum vehicle with a collapsed suspension, so the model sits nose-down, with loose track. Re-angle the suspension using photos, and you will improve the look of the finished model tremendously. The track should be tight. It was actually rubber track with metal reinfircements.

That track (T165?) is setting about twenty minutes from my front door. I’ve been all over it at one time or another. The suspension tells me that there are no rounds inside it. The cover plates and a few other things are different from the production track. It also has two different 106mm recoilless rifles on it! The hull should be a couple inches lower in the rear than in the kit. I do know for a fact that they drove it to it’s current location, and then welded the covers and doors shut. The kit builds what we see down there, and not much more. We need a new kit for sure.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I think Cookie Sewell came up with a fix for raising the suspension to the proper height. I remember seeing it on the old Armorama site or maybe Missing-Links?? Not entirely sure… I have the kit will build it someday but we definitely need a new one.


Thx, I’ll check.