M54 gun truck question

I have an interesting request for those who are more knowledgeable. I have an AFV Club M54A2 cargo truck and a separate M113 ACAV kit. Naturally, I would like to combine the two. The problem is that I can see the cab doors and windshield are armored and the cargo truck kit doesn’t have them, also turnbuckles and perhaps a few other pieces. So my thought was ordering replacement sprues from AFV Club for those particular sprues, but I don’t know which ones are needed, I don’t have the gun truck instruction sheet. Also, I have no idea how to order those parts, their web site is of no help. I can’t seem to find any PE sets to provide the needed armor. I could probably scratch build the doors and windshield if I had the dimensions. The other bits I don’t think I could do. Any suggestions?

Here are the instructions to the King Cobra Guntruck.

It looks like all the parts you need (extra armor, turnbuckles, etc.) are on the P sprue.

No idea how to order sprues from AFV Club. You can keep a look out on eBay for sprues from the kit. There are a few sellers who sell individual sprues there.

You can also look for sprues from the Italeri M925 truck w/shelter, or just the Italeri Shelter kit (6388). Both have turnbuckles for securing the shelter.

Templates for the armored plates can be found in the Echelon guntruck decal sets, an example.

Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54s (Part 3) D356261 is for M54/M113 guntrucks.

It can be done. I made King Cobra years ago (about 18) by scratching most of the cab starting with an AFV Club M35 cab, the Italeri M925 frame/running gear and turnbuckles, resin wheels, along w/an M113 from Academy (I think). I used Dave “Animal” Willet’s article on Creating an M54 as a guide. It is much easier now w/the M54 kit.

Here is how mine turned out. Through its many iterations and upgrades, it didn’t always have the armored windshield, so you don’t have to build it.


Got your message, thanks for the info, very helpful, it will make this project happen.

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Alternatively, you could just buy the AFV Club kit that is already done for you


Hi Mike,
AFV Club, unfortunately, itself does not sell or offer individual parts as a part of their after-sale service to international buyers. They only offer it to their in-country (Taiwan) customers.
If you are looking for custom 3D printed parts, instead of scratch-building those relevant parts, let me know b/c I can CAD and 3D print.

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we got a brand new M54 gun truck in Feb. 69, and the doors and front end carried no extra armor plate. Ours had the quad fifty, and was built that way in the states. Then flown to DaNang. Was toast in 36 hours!

Thanks for all info, it will definitely help with the project.

Turnbuckle CAD is done. Moving onto the armored doors and windshield.

Left the CЄ marking as a joke. It means that the manufacturer certifies the good complies with the European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. :slight_smile:

More CADs to come.

CAD for armored doors done. Moving onto the armored windshield now.

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Gun truck mod set CAD is done: Put holes for the door handles.

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The 3D prints are done. Did a quick fix on the broken armored door part with a thin Evergreen strip and superglue.

Before the fix:


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