M55 in Italian dress

it’s my old job… starting from M47 Italeri


Wow that’s really cool! How much work did you do to it ? I’m not familiar with that kit. Looks great .
You might want to use more light in your photos this way the model will show up better.

Ah! Nuclear artillery -just love it.

Is this scratch-built entirely or utilsing the Elite resin version? Either way, it’s very imrpessive.

Looking Good! I have always hoped, that a plastic model kit, would come out! I knew their was Resin kit out!

I especially like the “scarf” around the gun mantlet, as that is the only detail I was unable to reproduce when I reconstructed the ancient RENWAL kit years ago:



That’s a nice build Peter!

ok I will make new photo in a clear way
I scratch a lot of it only the hull is pick up from M47 with track and wheels
the "final project " is to use it on DragonWagon pulled by a M74 … but it is a loooong term project