M59 apc

Well I guess we’d all welcome that, and we would have taken one for the team! My part started Retrokit M75 still looks longingly at me, daring me to push on and finish it - that is usually the moment an injection kit appears in my experience.

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Oh, that’s good to know — I’ve had the Accurate Armour kit for ages, just never got round to building it, but if it’s not noticeably worse than the Takom one, I don’t really need the newer kit :slight_smile:

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The only issue I had with the AA kit involved the resin track segments, all molded as straight sections. Had to use hot water to convince them to be shaped appropriately around the sprocket and idler points. The interior detail was amazing, even with cabling to represent the intercom wires, duffle bags and ammunition cans for the 20mm.