M60 Crew figure suggestions?

I would add the caveat non US Vietnam to the 60’s armor figures. :smirk:


There is this set from Alpine.

As Carlos said some non Vietnam tankers would be nice too.

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Definitely second the call for '60s and '70s US crews from Europe! No body armour, long sleeves, and a choice of headgear…

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No BDUs.

And not just tank crews! How about Field Artillery crews and dismounted Infantry!!! OG 107 fatigues, steel pots, for summer, and field jackets, and parkas for winter.

OD green fatigues (or the nomex tanker suit), cold weather gloves (old leather shells with the wool liners) CVC tanker helmet and a grease gun.

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I think he’s wearing the winter mechanic’s coveralls. Thats what we wore in 1AD in the '80’s when in the field.