M60 in desert landscape

Hello, my first model after 35-40 years of not doing anything in model building. It is a Tamiya M60 in a desert landscape, wheathering was done with AK. The base was made of a piece of styrofooam, covered with toiletpaper soaked in PVA. I also used AK sandy desert, and the rocks are little pieces of stone from my backgarden. I know the IDF never used this version, but I wanted to wheather the tank as if it had been used in the desert area for a while. Probably went over the top a little with the wheathering, but I sure did like doing it…


Nice job on an older kit. It’s like riding a bicycle, something you don’t forget. :+1: :+1:

it does not look like the 40 years since you built. Very nice/ Micke

Don’t get it, USMC M60 with IDF registration plate and markings?!

Lol, Yes he said he knew the Israelis didn’t use that version of M60 , just did it for fun. That’s what it’s all about

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Thanks you!

Thank you, I guess thats true.

I know, almost like blasfemy, isnt it

Very nice!

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very nice!

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Very cool mix of techniques and medias , nice base too !!

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Thank you all for your kind words. Anyone with tips to improve my work
Always willing to learn…