M60A1 rise/passive in Italian hands

lights is still missing but the overall is complete


Well done. Tamiya with AFV track?

Really nice job!
Is there any difference between the Italian and US versions ?

No difference, these tanks was prelevated from U.S.marines depot and loaned at the italian forces in Somalia .

I used a Academy USMC rise/passive but Ihad manage a lot of reactive plate because ii was displayed in a different way.I had applied a lot of pins because they were missing.
i modified too the driving wheels because the real tank had a lighter version.
tracks are AFV

Very nice, which paint did you use? :+1: :clap:


Ok great . It came excellent!

Yes you mean the steel wheels correct ?

no , drive sproket had a different design

for the history
i think you don’t have problem with translation

Oh yes the drive sprocket, I understand now . Again really nice job !

I used gunze H340 to reply fs34097

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Those type sprockets are in the AFV Club kit. I’m using them on a M48A5 build and a M247 Build.

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