M60A1 with ERA

This was probably answered a long time ago I just can’t find the thread ( I think I know the answer) but I’m asking for a friend. Was the M60A1 w/ ERA ever painted in NATO colors?


Ok thank you Nikos I thought so.

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Yes; the marines had plenty of them in NATO color scheme before going into the sandbox. They also had them painted in MERDC Grey Desert.

M60A1 RISE (P) tanks at a Marine Corps depot in California.


USMC M60A1 RISE (P) with ERA blocks - While stateside, the ERA plates were usually “dummy” plates with no explosives in them. Once deployed to Saudi Arabia, the “Dummy” plates were replaced with "Live " plates.


Great thanks Reynier for the response and pics! It seems my friend has a few different schemes to choose from.

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If you look at the marking options on the Takom released M60A1 ERA, you can see three are solid desert tan while one is in MERDC Grey Desert with Desert Sand ERA Plates.

Same can go with the 3-color NATO scheme, add straight NATO Green plates.


Ok excellent this is what I was looking for, thanks again Reynier.

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Only if you were lucky. A number of tanks still had dummy plates.

You have a nice M60A1 walkaround here: http://www.primeportal.net/tanks/greg_smith/m60a1_rise_era/index.php?Page=1
“Natoflage” vehicles at the end.