M60A3 in Berlin camo

While searching for FV432, I came across his video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQBSsnxuLjY
From the 4:40 minute mark, you can an M60A3 in Berlin Urban camouflage.


Wow that’s awesome! That would make a great m60 project and diorama.

Oh that is VARY interesting indeed…excellent find!! :+1:


Very interesting. I wonder how many from the Berlin Brigade got painted up in the urban camo? :thinking:

There are stills availabe in the net. I do enclose these ere. They are from official archives. That must have been a test only,

Text is as following:
Häuserkampfübung der U.S. Army auf dem Truppenübungsplatz an der Osdorfer Straße in Berlin-Lichterfelde: zwei Kampfpanzer M60 der Berlin-Brigade und ein Chieftain Kampfpanzer der Berlin Infantry Brigade in Berlin Camouflage bei einer Übung in der Häuserkampfanlage Doughboy City.

Translates into:
Fighting in built up area of the U.S. Army on the training area at Osdorfer StraĂźe in Berlin-Lichterfelde: two M60 MBT of the Berlin-Brigade and one Chieftain MBT of the Berlin Infantry Brigade in Berlin Camouflage an an exercise in der Doughboy Fighting City.

Pictures are taken in 1983.

The US unit was for a long time F Coy 40th Armor in Turner barracks, called the “Turner tankers”. When they left Berlin, they had transitioned to M1A1 in NATO camouflage.

The French also tested the urban camouflage on single vehicles. However, neither the US nor the French did introduce it before the iron curtain fell.