M60D machine guns

Im building a Thai M48A5 and I am the old Lo models conversion but the M60D mg have soo much flash around them and the bipod pieces makes them virtually unusable any one know where i can get replacements for them

None of my MG sets have one, or I’d have happily sent you one.
At least I was relatively sure they didn’t beforehand, unlike the wild goose chase from the other day.

How badly do you want it? Perhaps these folks will send you two instead of the one each of the ones shown:

In a pinch you can modify M2 spade grips. Still contemplating this for a build I started a few years ago. Jim died before I could finish it. You can see the grips behind him.

Gekko and Dragon also have sets. 1/35th scale Modern Light Weapons set. Italeri #421 *2 | eBay

the M60D doesnt have the handguard i seen the the shapways stiff i think ill take a look
this Thai M48A5 build is becomoing a pain just may scrap the entire project
1st Thai M48A5 are available on a site in Thailand but there no way to translate to english
now a issues with the M60s

Dragon’s Vietnam Helicopter Crew set has one M60D and one M60A.


I just bought a set from Res-Kit for my UH-60A I am working on. I actually just now finished assembling them.

They come with two options for the ammo box too; open, closed, or no box, but just the holder. They come with a nice cradle as well.

No, it doesn’t - the guns were the main reason the project stalled - trying to replace that area with hypodermic needles. You can leave off the front sights as well if you like.


MicroCosmos has it and MicroCosmos has a website also. @tanknick22

The Academy m48A5K kits for Korean versions of those tanks have the M60D with the proper mount for a tank.

The new Takom M48A5 and M247 DIVAD kits also have two M60Ds. Of course, buying the former if you already have the Thai tank on the way is a bit of a waste. Maybe you could ask if anybody in your part of the world, who has built the M247, hasn’t put the machine gun on it and so has two to spare? Or for two people who built an M247, they should each have at least one :slight_smile:

They also make a very nice set to upgrade the M60 mounted on vehicles, like the M901 ITV, the M981 FISTV and the M151A1 and A2 jeeps and the Tamiya M1025 if you want to replace the .50 cal with an M60 for an MP Humvee.


Wow, those look nice!

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