M6A2 Linebacker ADA Bradley questions

I am planning on building an M6A2 Linebacker ADA Bradley soon. I want to add a full interior on it, but am having issues finding good interior pics or a TM-type interior layout drawing. I rode in one at the NTC many years ago, but don’t remember the interior details.

So far, I have only been able to find the two mediocre pictures below that show only partial interiors.

Linebacker 2

I know there is a three-tier Stinger storage case rack on the right side. On the left side there is a seat, then a Stinger battery charger/storage box in the middle, and another seat. I just can’t make out the details of the charger box nor what is up on the sponson above/behind them.

I have contacted the ADA Museum at Ft Sill, but their display Linebacker was damaged in OIF and gutted before being rebuilt. The interior is still empty, so no joy there.

Does anyone have a better idea what the interior layout was? Maybe some better pics? Any former Linebacker crewmen out there?

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I wasn’t on a linebacker, but I did command a Bradley Stinger Fighting vehicle. We still had the tow launchers. Our layout looking forward was two seats on the left with a BCU box separating them. The box itself had a top section with a lid that opened to hold the stinger batteries. Below and open towards the right side were shelves for IFF and NVG’s. On the right side we had racks for 4 stingers and 2 tow’s. The tow’s were on the sponson and the stingers were on foldable racks above. There was a mount on the ceiling next to the cargo hatch for a ready missile. HTH


Thanks Brad, very helpful. I am assuming the BCU box was the same on both, sounds that way anyways.

I would assume so, but I’ll reach out to some old buddies who may be able to confirm.

:+1: Thanks.

Woohoo! When Gino builds a conversion, the odds of a manufacturer kitting one go way up, and then we’ll have his model for reference. The modeling gods are capricious that way.

We can only hope.

Just an update, I’m still waiting to hear back from my gunner in Germany. Pretty sure he has some photos but in in San Fran on vacation atm.

Thanks. No big rush.

Years back, maybe '89 or so I wrote to FMC for line drawings of their M548 tractor so I could scratch build a model, they replied a week or two later with several 8X10 glossy photos of not only the M548 but also a few M113s and the Fitter as well which I had never heard of. You never know what the public relations department wiil do but it’s worth a shot. I sure wish I’d kept the photos, they were nice factory shots.

Cajun :crocodile:

Yup, already contacted BAE and got nothing in return.

I had great luck from the Mack Museum about 15 years ago when I built an M123A1C. They sent a bunch of pics and even a few big sheets of blue prints. They were invaluable.

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Love the shape of Bradley’s , done two meng ones ,look forward to more of this.

This Linebacker seems to be a bit confidential, even on “PrimePortal” there is not any pics of it.

Nothing secret about it. The issue is that it was only around a few years with only about 75 built. All were also converted back to standard Bradleys in the early 2000s. So not a lot of pics of them out there.


yeah, nothing secret. Just stinger stowage and a tow box replacement. I would guess that the ISU may be a bit different.

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So no one seems to have pictures of the interior, or they don’t want to dig for them. at any rate. Here is a link to FM44-3 which does have a good diagram of the stinger stowage rack.
FM 44-43: Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle Platoon And Squad Operations - Chptr 1 The BSFV Platoon (globalsecurity.org)

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Found this on Google. There are practically no photos of the interior online.

I got it from here. https://www.quora.com/Are-SAM-vehicles-usually-armored

If you have a photo editing software, you can zoom in, brighten it, and peek inside.


Actually, let me do it…

That is the best that I can do since the web photo is 4x5 inches and I enlarged it to 12x14 inches.

Hope this helps… :upside_down_face:

Oh, wait, I found a larger photo! (Sorry, I didn’t see that you found this photo before as I just read your top post).

And enhanced…there is a soldier on the right side.

And the reason why there may be so few photos of the interior is because they keep it buttoned up. Here is the upgraded M6 Linebacker prototype that BAE is trying to promote and sell…it has RADA pMHR radars, TC’s CITV, sensors on a pole with drone jammer antennas, and four Stinger missile pod, but the rear ramp is up and closed.

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I would think ADA (anti drone) vehicles would be getting alot of attention now.

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Thanks, but that is the same pic I posted above and I have also lightened up the interior. Still doesn’t show much, but the best I can find.

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According to the information presented here, I think it is “somewhat” sufficient. The right side has the Stinger racks and you have the line drawing.

The left side appears to have shelves with boxes on top for Stinger batteries on top of a rack.

Video of the Bradley M-SHORAD via Breaking Defense.