M6A3 Linebacker, Bradley M-SHORAD build

You don’t need a special topic. Just post your builds like I do. You will get honest replies.

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There’s a subforum for KitMaker: AFV - Feedback that may help in collecting constructive criticism.

Often the most valuable constructive criticism comes from a modeler one specifically asks to give a critique.


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I think any model that gets posted is eligible for critique. On Missing-Lynx they have a Constructive Criticism forum. It’s basically a cheering section. There’s no criticism, ergo not very constructive.
I seldom frequent that site for that reason.
On this site, many modelers in the past have said “All comments welcome.” when in fact they are not. Not just mine - any suggestion by anyone usually goes ignored as they take it as a personal affront. It’s model for God’s sake. Aren’t we all here to help one another, and elevate the hobby? Silence does not help.
I’ll start my next Bradley build sometime after the kit arrives on the 16th. Bad day for delivery as I have a ride in Montana with the MC that week. But I will welcome any and all criticism. If I have something wrong with the build, I’d really like to know before I throw paint on it.

Happy to oblige. I’m always willing to help out other modelers. Especially since I haven’t offered any criticism on any of your builds for years.
And in the spirit of construcitve criticism I’ll mention this - something I didn’t want to mention because I really didn’t want to appear to be piling on negative comments.
The decal for the fire extinguisher instructions does not line up with the fire extinguisher pull handles. It’s supposed to be right below the handles, for obvious reasons. However, you do have it in the right spot, It’s the fire exinguisher handles and housing that are installed too far forward, thus causing them to not line up. You could probably move it without to much effort before weathering. IMHO it would make more sense,

And that was the point of the whole post.

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Very well said Rob.

Yup, I was looking at the fire extinguisher pull handle assembly and considering moving it back. Now I have to do it. Easy fix.