M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle in Desert Shield

do you remember space balls?


I assume that the rake is scratchbuilt?
Are there any photos of the build process? Drawings?

Nice one! Looks very good

I started with a Tamiya m60a1 and a Verlinden dozer for the deminer I should have something in the library, if you are really interested I will go look for it

Only if it isn’t too much trouble.

I have to agree with Robin! This is the first time, I’ve seen a rack like that! A well built model.

The mine rake is awesome! so is the rest of the vehicle.

Yeah that is some beast! Came excellent!

Dear Robin
I searched in my archive without results, probably i took measures by comparison to the dozer or with support of some magazine loan me from other modeller


No worries. Thanks for trying!

Pretty wicked looking mine rake. Great job overall. :+1: :+1:

I found only this reference

where did the lifting boom come from?


Great job on the scratch built mine plow and fantastic build overall.


Incredible looking beast. Excellent job !