M74 in Italian Army

it’s a old project, picture are a bit dark.
I hope you can appreciate this ARV!


Hi smolensk… You did a real nice job on the Legend M74 ARV conversion.

I did a full build review of this conversion on the old forum a few years ago. I don’t know if its still listed. I had fun building it and modifying some of the parts to making them movable.


Hi Ralph
I build myself the conversion…
the turret is an alluminium ring cutted with a saw and cover with plastic card
the frame was build by evergreen tubes …

Nice job on this model. I have retouched a couple of photos, not sure if colour looks right (flag seems correct) but at least some details can be seen.

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thank you for your support

Looks pretty good. Well done.


Hi smolensk…Wow , I’m really impressed that you scratch built the conversion.


for you

…and a Italeri Sherman with Dragon suspension…

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