M816, M817 and M818 conversions?

Couple questions. Does anyone know how much to cut from the AFV M54 chassis to get the Real Models conversions to fit. Also is the M818 the same chassis config as the M52A1 truck???

The Real Model sets were originally designed for the Italeri M925 kits, so not sure what has to be done to them to fit the AFV Club M54 chassis.

The M818 was 6" longer than the M52 in order to fit a different engine. The 6" was added at the front of the truck. That is why the hood is longer.

Dims for both.



But from the back of the cab to the pintal is the same???

Too bad AFV Club can’t make the M800 series truck…

They are the same distance.

They can, but haven’t yet. Hopefully they will as it would only require one new sprue with just the body parts forward of the cab. These are all conveniently on one sprue in the M54 kit.

It is easy to convert though using @MikeyBugs 3D printed M800 Conversion set.