M88A2 USMC model photos

Good morning to all. AFV model and the conversion made with plasticard and evergreen rods. ET models antennas, and backpacks and boxes from the scrap drawer.
I hope you like it and the experts who criticize it without mercy. I have tried to reproduce a USMC vehicle in a high operational state.


This might get better exposure/response if you post it in the armor forum?

I’m sorry. I was wrong at the time of group posting

No need to apologise my friend, just trying to help you out :sunglasses:

Thank you very much¡

Hello Raul,

OK, after viewing your pictures, my expert critique says: you missed a spot of mud on the treads! :laughing: Seriously, though, a fantastic looking work. What time period is this vehicle representing?


Thank you . I tried to represent a m88a2 of the marines in some of the maneuvers that they carry out in Europe throughout the year.

Lovely build Raul, very nice weathering and details. I have moved it across to the Armorama (Modern) forum now.

Cheers, D

Thank you very much!

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OK, I was just wondering. I haven’t see the camo paint scheme on many vehicles of late, given that most U.S. military vehicles have been painted for service in the desert.

I was wondering, what is the orange thing tied down to the wooden pallet? It reminds me of an exercise mat!


I believe it is the gas cylinder for the torch.

The vehicle is painted in a green forest and later degraded by the inclement weather and its operability.

acetylene bottle for welding … or so I think :smile: