M901 "Hammerhead"

Good moring

This is (was, a few years ago) my first attempt in working with a resin kit.
Basic model is a Academy M981 “FIST”, modified with the M901 “Hammerhead” Kit from Perfect Scale Modellbau from Germany.

And the result is a M901 during exercise “REFORGER”, somewhere in Germany, 1980s …



That camo is amazing. How was it done? By brush I assume?

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Excellent model.Looks really cool.

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Very cool! :+1:

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Outstanding model. Very nicely done.

Very nice. It came out looking great.

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Very nicely done! Although I would suggest a change of bumper codes, as the codes on yours are for an artillery battalion. ITVs only served in armor and infantry battalions, in their scout platoons and anti tank companies (E Co. or Combat Support Co.)

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Excellent job con Haller. Nice job on the camo especially

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Other than the unit markings, I would cobble-up a blank adapter tor the TC M-60, being a FTX vehicle. Looks great!!